Nova 13 – 100 Watt Education Package


Nova 13 Commercial Laser Cutting Machine

This Education Package Includes:

  • Lightburn Design Software
  • Camera
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • CO2 Laser Protective Goggles
  • 4 Hours Virtual Live Stream Training for Up to 8 Attendees
  • Free Shipping Including Liftgate Service

Our free standing CNC laser cutter. But this series has two laser technologies! With the ability to be broken down into two pieces the laser can fit through standard doorways and hallways. The Nova series also features the all-in-one industry leading CleanPack technology. With a built-in water-cooling system, exhaust fan, air assist pump, and more! This CNC laser cutter is perfect for entrepreneurs, whether you run a sign shop, cut materials in high volume, professional home business or a high precision industrial manufacturer.

  • Scan speeds of up to 1200 mm/second
  • Reci W2/W4/W6 Premium CO2 Glass Tube
  • High Speed Digital Step Motors
  • Honeycomb + Blade table
  • Built-in 5200 Chiller and Blower
  • RDWorks/Lightburn Software

*Includes liftgate service direct to the school. Note that additional charges may apply to remote areas in Canada.

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The Nova series can also be broken down into two parts so that is can fit through tight hallways and standard doorways. The motorized work table now incorporates both the blade and honeycomb table so that auto focus can be used with either option. There are also small perks, such as an auto sensing rotary port, conveniently located on the inside of the machine, and a scrap collection drawer at the base of the machine for those messy cutting applications. The Aeon R&D team really thought of everything. All that’s left to do is plug it in and get to work!


Increased ROI

High-speed linear rails help to harness the full cutting potential that comes with having a larger laser tube; while traversing when the laser is off can reach speeds of up to 1500 mm/sec, resulting in a significant reduction in cycle times.

Less Downtime

Utilizing the drive belts to protect the linear rails and bearing blocks helps to eliminate 99% of the accumulation of dust and debris, practically eliminating any need for maintenance and frequent cleaning that is typically required to maintain steady operation.

Super Clean Pack Design

Aeon’s signature clean pack technology has taken the next step in the evolutionary process. Not only are the linear rails and bearing blocks enclosed (as in previous models), but protective curtains on the left and right side rails now prevent unwanted particles from spreading beyond your work area. Enjoy greater peace of mind with a laser system you can truly rely on.

Fastest in its Class

Thanks to Aeon’s lightweight laser head design and high speed digital stepper motors, the Nova can achieve 1.8G of acceleration resulting in scan speeds of up to 1200 mm/sec and cutting speeds of up to 300 mm/sec.

All-in-One System

Installing a large format laser in a confined space, has never been more practical. Enjoy a clutter free workspace with a built-in 5200 water chiller, exhaust fan and air pump. All components are still easily accessible and can be removed for routine maintenance.

Integrated Auto Focus

The newly designed laser head features an integrated auto focusing mechanism that is lightweight and a whole lot more reliable. It’s encapsulated right inside the nozzle, to shield it from smoke and debris. Say goodbye to collisions and gouged material.


Quickly recall or layout simple designs with the included RDWorks software or upgrade to LightBurn for an enhanced user experience. For those already familiar with graphic design, simply import graphics directly from CorelDraw, AutoCAD and Illustrator via the handy plugins.

Multiple Interfaces

Easily send jobs from your PC or Mac via USB, Ethernet or WiFi. There is even 256 MB of onboard memory built right into the controller for storing popular jobs, or you can even run programs straight from a USB Flash Drive.

Advanced Controls

Another industry first is the all new redesigned Ruida controller, which brings commonly used functions right to the surface, for increased setup times and overall ease of use. You can even monitor amperage (mA) and water temperature right from the display screen.

Active Airflow

Say goodbye to excessive soot buildup on your material and in your laser cabinet. A series of tiny fans are now used to force feed makeup air into the laser cabinet, which inturn improves how quickly smoke is evacuated from the system. The more air you move across the work table, the cleaner the results, which means less time scrubbing for you.

Scrap Drawer

Cleanup is a breeze with a newly integrated scrap drawer. All of your cut pieces now fall into a conveniently located compartment below, which can be easily emptied to prevent scrap pieces from piling up and becoming a fire hazard.

Tech Specs

Horizontal Processing Envelope 27.55 inch x 17.71 inch
Vertical Processing Envelope 5.90 inch
Machine Footprint without stand 43.30 inch * 33.26 inch * 18.89 inch
Cutting Thickness 0-0.39 inch (depends on different materials)
Engraving Speed 47.24 inch/s
Crate Size 48.03 * 38.18 * 27.55 inch
Minimum Font Size 0.03 inch x 0.03 inch
Positioning Accuracy <=0.00039 inch
Fume Port Size 5.90 inch
Standard laser Wattage 40W
Max Acceleration Speed 5G
Net Weight 165Kg
Net Packed Weight 195Kg
Voltage 110v
Rated Power 950W (+Laser Tube)
max scanning precision 4000 DPI
Cooling Method Laser Head Builin Air Pump
Cooling Method (Co2 Glass Tube) 3.5L Chiller
AutoFocus Included
Red Dot Positioning Beam combiner
Control Panel Keypad & LCD display
Compatible operating systems Windows & Mac
Co2 Glass Tube 40~80W
RF Metal Tube RF 30W, Davi Laser
Ceramic Tube 40-100W Iradion made in the USA
Other Compatible Software CorelDraw/Photoshop/AutoCAD/All kinds of Embroidery Software
Graphic Format Supported DSP/PLT/BMP/DXF/AI/DWG


Material Cuts Engraves
Acrylic βœ“ βœ“
Coated Metals Γ— βœ“
Fabric βœ“ βœ“
Glass Γ— βœ“
Leather βœ“ βœ“
Paper βœ“ βœ“
Rubber βœ“ βœ“
Stone Γ— βœ“
Wood βœ“ βœ“