15 years ago, Steve & Jeremy Stevenson entered the CNC industry with little-to-no experience, which ended up being a great benefit to the formation of Simply CNC. As a father & son duo, we entered the industry with a fresh set of eyes. It provided the opportunity to learn the industry from the ground up, and truly approaching CNC as a prospective customer without a ton of expertise. When we say “there are no dumb questions”, we truly mean it, as we have asked every single one along our journey.

It became our desire early on to not only provide great CNC products, but rather CNC solutions specific to each customers’ need. We quickly understood that these are not “one size fits all” products, but spent time building relationship with each potential customer in order to hear their story, their need, and their long-term vision. Over the years, this has allowed us to pair customers with the perfect solution, maximizing their potential as a business or hobbyist.

One thing that has always set us apart is our promise of unlimited support of not only your CNC machine, but your design software as well. We recognized that this was a large void in the industry, leaving users frustrated and searching for answers. As Simply CNC, we never want to see a CNC machine sitting idly in a workshop building up dust. Beyond your machine’s warranty, you are welcome to call or email us any time, and we are always happy to help get you through any difficulties.

We also have a strong desire to see CNC and CAD/CAM design being taught in our education systems. We have spent a large portion on our time learning about the needs of schools, teachers, and students, and how we can equip them to maximize success in their technical education departments. We provide online training courses for educators, which allows us to teach them how to teach students. We believe that every child in that classroom is capable of creating their own unique project when provided with the proper tools.

We thank you for taking the time to visit our website, but we hope that these resources are just the beginning. We would love to take the time to listen to your story, and find the perfect CNC solution; customized specifically for you.