CanCam C2-510ATC

From: $40,550.00CAD

The C2 Series CNC machines are engineered and built for production applications… at an impressive price point. Key design features allow fast, accurate cutting with guaranteed reliability. Unlike competitors who charge for upgraded components or add on accessories,CanCam has included a number of these as standard features such as pneumatic solenoid (Single phase machines) and electronic solenoid (3 phase) -actuated vacuum zones, a plug and play outlet for a rotary lathe with a spare servo driver, pop up location pins, easy sheet rollers, castors, a T-slot/vacuum combination table, helical rack and pinion motor mount, planetary gear vs. belt driven gantry , centralized lubrication along with two calibrators, one fixed and one mobile. The C2 Series design is consistent with the CanCam value proposition… Up in Class, Down in Price.

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Vectric - Vcarve Pro Software (Digital Media Version)

Vectric - Aspire Software (Digital Media Version)

Single Phase Storm Vacuum Pump

Single Phase Cyclone Vacuum Pump

Vortec Mini Cold Air Gun

Rotary Lathe 1 Piece

Rotary Lathe 2 Piece 100mm (3.93 INCH)

9 Watt Diode Laser

Cool Lubricator Jr.

3HP V-System 3000 Cyclone Dust Collector

5HP Dust Gorilla Pro SMART Boost Dust Collector

5HP High Vacuum Cyclone Dust Collector Air Lock Bundle w/ SMART Boost

Mill Foam Matt Wide

Donek Drag Knife

Donek Creasing Attachment

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Physical Features

Machining Bed Width/Length 120in x 60in
Z Travel 12in
Gantry Height Clearance Standard 11in
Gantry Height Clearance Option 8″ or 15″
Table Top 6 zone T-Slot/Vacuum Combo Table
Location Pins Included
Centralized Lubrication Included
Leveleing Castors Included
Auto Tool Touch off-Mobile Included
Auto Tool Touch off-Fixed Position Included
Machine Footprint 157in x 100in x 80in
Electrical Cabinet Size 22in x 55in x 40in
Net Weight 4000 lbs/1815 kg
Gross Weight 4000 lbs/1815 kg


Voltage 220V Single phase 60Hz
Optional Voltage 208V three phase
Rated Power Requirement with vacuum pump 40 AMP
Power Requirement without vacuum pump 20 AMP


Interface MASSO G3 Touch
Type Industrial capacitive touch
Screen Size 15 inch LED
Touch Screen Included
Operating System Dedicated
Inputs USB
MPG Handwheel Included
Wifi Included
Controller Upgrade Option N/A

Standard Spindle

Model Generic
Power 6.0 KW / 8 HP
Max Speed 18000 RPM
Collet Size ER 32 ISO 30
Spindle Upgrades 9.0 KW / 12 HP (ER32 ISO 30)
Variable Frequency Drive N/A
Cooling System Air Cooled
Tool Change Type Automatic
Tool Holder Positions 8

Drive System

Motor Leadshine 7 Series
Type Servo
Transmission X and Y axis – Helical Rack and Pinion Drive/Z axis – TBI Ball Screw/PMI Linear Guide rails for all axes


Rapid Speed XY 1000 IPM
Rapid Speed Z 400 IPM
Max Cutting Speed 1000 IPM

Tool Calibrator

Fixed Position Included
Portable Included


Positioning 0.0020 in
Repositioning 0.0020 in


Table Top Hold Down Design

T-Slot / Vacuum Combo Table Included
Aluminum T-Slot Available
PVC Single Layer Available
PVC Matrix (Double Layer) Available
Phenolic Available
Aluminum Tapp & Threaded N/A

Vacuum Pump Options

Becker KVT 3.140 Three Phase
Becker VTLF 2.250 Three Phase
BlackBox Hurricane One Phase

Other Options

Unist Mister System Available
Vortec Cold Air Gun Available
Diode Laser Available
Rotary Lathe Available