CanCam C1-23

From: $15,000.00CAD

C1-23 is an open top manual tool change CNC router. The machine has integrated drawers to house the control hardware that’s typically in a separate control enclosure so offers a very compact neat footprint.This “”one-box”” design also allows the machine to be moved on levelling castors by a single user. An optional steel safety enclosure, covering the whole working area of the machine, protects users and reduces airborne dust and machine noise

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Vectric - Vcarve Pro Software (Digital Media Version)

Vectric - Aspire Software (Digital Media Version)

Automatic Tool Changer (6 Positions C1-23)

Armour Top with Safety Relay

Single Phase Storm Vacuum Pump

Single Phase Cyclone Vacuum Pump

Vortec Mini Cold Air Gun

Rotary Lathe 1 Piece

Rotary Lathe 2 Piece 100mm (3.93 INCH)

9 Watt Diode Laser

Cool Lubricator Jr.

Mini-Gorilla Portable Cyclone Dust Collector

Supercell Stationary High-Pressure Dust Collector

Mill Foam Matt Wide

Donek Drag Knife

Donek Creasing Attachment

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Table Top Hold Down Design

T-Slot / Vacuum Combo Table Included
Aluminum T-Slot Available
PVC Single Layer Available
PVC Matrix (Double Layer) N/A
Phenolic Available
Aluminum Tapp & Threaded N/A

Vacuum Pump Options

Blackbox Storm One Phase
Blackbox Cyclone One Phase

Other Options

Unist Mister System Yes
Vortec Cold Air Gun Yes
Diode Laser Yes
Rotary Lathe Yes
Controller Masso