The Next Generation Is HERE.

Our Team Is:

Dedicated to Detail

Ever since ICONIC CNC was acquired by the Axiom Tool Group in September 2019, we have been diligently working together to create a stronger, faster, and easier-to-use CNC Machine. We are so proud and honoured to introduce you to the next generation of ICONIC CNC: by Axiom Tool Group.

Our Company Is:

Founded by Family

As father and son, co-founders Steve and Jeremy Stevenson are both passionate about the CNC industry, and to see it successfully utilized in your workshop, garage, or educational facility. Our vision is to be a company that is recognized by its integrity and dedication, and to see our customers get the most out of their investment.

Our Service Is:

Refined through Relationship

The foundation of our company is built on developing a relationship with our customers, and understanding your needs. Our training resources are consistently being updated, based on valuable customer feedback. Our Team is always available to lend a hand; whether it is through our website, via email, or our toll-free number.